One really useful feature from a previous platform I miss is "do not notify marketplace", it seems such a simple one but when your generating labels in advance it's an absolute must to make your life so much easier.
It would be great to have this option either on the order page or even at Pack & Go, if you know it's either going to be delayed or your not sending that day (e.g well in advance packaging in the weekend) you don't want to notify the market place just yet. It could be a very valued feature addon, and I would imagine not too difficult to implement. The main reason for us is if we're generating a label for argument sake on Sunday well if nothing was done manually to prevent it would notify the market place we'd shipped on Sunday and therefore start counting down the days the customer should receive it also gives the wrong impression to both the customer and marketplace your shipping on the wrong date!
Current work around is to have to go into settings turn it off completely in integrations and then come back to scan!
Could be a lot simpler by this simple yet effective feature!
Big one for us!
One other option would be to add a intended dispatch date, properly an even better way of doing it to save you from forgetting to manually transfer any tracking!