Connect Returns to your CRM, WMS & ERP system with our Return API V3 🔗
Return API V3 banner
Return API V3 is now available for all. Connect our return API to your existing CRM, ERP or WMS systems without having to change your setup:
  • Create
    domestic and international returns
  • Retrieve
    your return data such as return statuses and return reasons
  • Request
    a return to be canceled
  • Validate
    a return before creating the return label
Provide pre-printed return labels with every order 📦
All Plans
Label in the Box EN
Remove your customers’ biggest return frustration by providing a
pre-printed return label inside the box
. Not only does this greatly improve the customer experience, but it also reduces the workload on your customer service team.
⚙️How does it work?
In your
incoming orders overview
, you’ll find a new dropdown option to print return labels alongside your shipping labels.
Please note that this feature is currently available for direct contract only.
Add return instructions to your return portal 💬
Return instructions in return portal Changelog
Improve the quality of your returns by highlighting your return policy in the return portal. Do you only accept unworn clothes to be returned? Should the return be sent in the original packaging? Just add a quick note to filter out unwanted returns!
International returns for the return portal 🌍
International returns in return portal changelog
Offer your international customers the same return experience as everyone else. Accept returns from any country, and send customers the return label and custom docs directly to their email.
Delete your incoming orders in bulk 🗂
Order Processing
All Plans
Deleting your orders in the incoming orders view just got easier! 👏
Whilst working in the overview, you can now save time by selecting up to 200 orders at once. You can then delete all selected orders in bulk. ✅
Customize your picking lists with Picking list settings ✏️
Order Processing
Large Shop
Picking list settings V1A (1)
Now you can customise your picking list to reflect your picking strategy with the new Picking list settings. Configure your picking list by strategy, order, or visible content.
Introducing 8 new User Roles for sub-users 🧑‍🤝‍🧑
Paid Plan
New user roles V2A
We’ve expanded our sub-user settings to include 8 new User Roles: Finance, Support, Marketing, Analytics, Pickups, Returns, Shipping, and Warehouse Manager.
Now you can grant account access to individual team members and limit their access by their role. You’ll get greater control over access, and your business, more seamless collaboration.
Single scan for Pack & Go scanner mode 🚀
Order Processing
Large Shop
When working in Pack & Go, you can can now process orders faster using scanner mode.
Single scan allows you to process your order with only one scan. You can enable this option in the
Pack & Go panel
or in your
Pack & Go settings
by checking the box at the end of the page.
💡 Note that whilst Single scan is enabled, you will not be able to make any changes to your order.
🚚 Spring GDS joins our carrier family
International Shipping
We're thrilled to announce the addition of
Spring GDS
, a leader in
cross-border logistics
By combining postal and commercial carriers, Spring provides e-commerce businesses the opportunity to send parcels up to 20kg around the globe effortlessly.
Benefits of Spring:
  • Ship from United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy to 190 countries
  • Benefit from the expertise of 230 carrier partners who understand local requirements
  • Ship green: Spring offsets CO2 emissions by investing in projects that help protect the environment
📦 Start shipping with Spring by uploading an existing Spring contract
Set item weight in shipping rules ⚖️
International Shipping
Small Shop
Large Shop
Are you adding item weights manually to each order? 🏋️ This is no longer necessary!
Not all integrations automatically include the item weight for international shipments. Instead of changing each order manually, you can now automate this by setting up the weight in your shipping rules.
Set item weight
in your actions and automatically fill in all details. ✅ Easy as that!
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