✨ New in: Return Rules 👉 "Unable to return" action
Large Shop
Whether you want to accept only domestic returns or disable them for a specific country, you can now set it up using Return Rules.
Simply add a rule, eg. IF Country is UK, THEN Unable to return, and customers from the UK won't be able to return their orders through your Return Portal.
unable to return 2
Brand logo removed from DHL DE labels
All Plans
Due to new DHL requirements, starting from September 21, we're no longer able to add your brand logo to DHL DE labels.
To keep having it printed, you need to set it up directly in your DHL account.
🔧 Improved: House numbers are now optional for all Spanish carriers 🇪🇸
Order Processing
All Plans
Adding a house number in the customer's address
is not mandatory anymore
when shipping to Spain. 🎉
Some Spanish addresses don’t have a house number available, so merchants had to give us a non-existent or faulty address in that case. This left them with a lot of manual and tedious work.
Next to that, this aligns more with carrier requirements, since they also don’t require a house number to be present if there is none.
✨ New: Return Rules
Paid Plan
As of today, you can change the return fee displayed in your return portal based on your customer’s country.
Group 21
How does it work?
That’s simple - just like Shipping Rules.
Create IF-THEN rules specifying countries and fees, and in the Return Portal your customers will see different return costs depending on where they live.
Keep in mind that rules are applied in the order they appear on the list.
This means that if two or more rules apply to the same country (eg. “From country isn’t Netherlands” and “From country is Germany”), the one that is the lowest on the list will be used.
And this is just the beginning.
In the near future we’ll keep adding more Conditions and Actions to let you further optimize your return process.
📈 New: Reporting API
As of today, you can generate a CSV file with your shipping and return data without entering the app.
How does it work?
Make an API call specifying
parameters, and the data will be exported in a CSV format.
You can use it to automatically update your data or to generate one-off reports.
🔎 New: "Payment status" filter for Ebay
Order Processing
All Plans
Now you can filter your Ebay orders by their payment status, eg. Pending, Succeeded, or Failed.
Screenshot 2021-08-20 at 12
🚚 Carrier Update: DPD France 🇫🇷
Paid Plan
  • Welcome to the Sendcloud carrier family,
    DPD France
  • available in: France 🇫🇷
  • contract type: direct contract only (for now)
  • available shipping methods: DPD Predict, DPD Classic, DPD Classic Europe, DPD Classic Intercontinental, DPD Relais, DPD Retour
The required set of credentials needed for activating the DPD contract is a bit longer than usual. Please check our Help Center article for more information on how to set it up.
Happy Shipping!
Now live: New Edit Order View ✏️
Order Processing
All Plans
To make the order editing process easier and more user-friendly, we improved the layout of the Edit Order View.
This should decrease the time you spend editing orders and make your whole shipping process much more efficient. 🥳
The information is now organized into 4 tabs, so you can focus on one thing at a time. 🎯
We also added 2 new sections for a better order overview:
  • The "
    " tab shows information about the order and shop (like
    Checkout Method
    Payment Status
    Order Date
  • The "
    " tab shows the products that were ordered (along with their
    , and
    - this info is only available on the Large Business plan and upwards.
Try it yourself by clicking on the pen icon ✏️ on an incoming order and switching to the new view via the "Switch now" button.
Know that you can always switch back if you want to.
📊 New in Analytics: Integrations filter and report
All Plans
✨ Two shiny new updates in your analytics dashboard:
  • You can now
    filter by integration type
    and tailor the data to one specific store.
analytics integrations filter
  • See how many parcels you shipped via each integration with the new
    shipments per integration report
analytics new integrations report
Supporting the new Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) regulation 🇬🇧
International Shipping
All Plans
The current VAT rules state that no import VAT must be paid for commercial goods with a value of no more than €22. From 1 July 2021, this rule will be abolished, and all goods imported into the EU will be subject to VAT regardless of value.
In the last month we’ve been making sure that we are compliant with the new
IOSS (import-one-stop-shop) regulation
that went into effect. In our case, this affects our UK merchants, as this is our only active non-EU market for now.
What is the IOSS for?
Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS)
is the electronic portal businesses can use from 1 July 2021 to facilitate VAT e-commerce transactions when shipping internationally. The IOSS VAT identification number consists of 12 alphanumeric characters. By submitting this number, VAT will be collected at the VAT rate of the customer's member state at the point of sale.
The benefit to your customers is that they will only be charged at the time of purchase, and will not be met with any surprise import fees when the goods are delivered. If you, the seller, are not registered in the IOSS, the buyer will need to pay VAT alongside a customs clearance fee charged by the shipping carrier.
What have we done?
We added a new optional
IOSS configuration field in the address settings
, where our UK merchants can add their IOSS number (see attached screenshot). The IOSS numbers are submitted via the data transfer directly to carriers. They will moreover be shown on the commercial invoices. This article shows you how to add the IOSS number in your address settings.
Updated carrier connections
  • ✅. DPD UK
  • ✅. UPS
  • in progress:
    DPD Local, Royal Mail
  • planned:
    Hermes UK, Fedex, DHL Express
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