Dynamic Checkout is now available for Magento 2
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Want to save time, ramp up conversion, and streamline service point delivery? Learn how Dynamic Checkout can help you do it all. 👏
A few more things you should know:
  • Dynamic Checkout works with Magento store views
  • Dynamic Checkout methods can’t be combined with other checkout methods (e.g., table rate methods or service point delivery methods created the old way)
Adding multiple inputs in Shipping Rules just go easier 📝 🚀
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You can now add multiple unique inputs in the same text field for the following conditions:
  • Post Code
  • Item SKU.
➡️ To do so, choose one of these operators:
  • In (similar to ‘is’, this must be a 1 on 1 match)
  • Not in (similar to ‘is not’, this must be a 1 on 1 match)
  • Pattern match (read this helpcenter article to learn more).
💡 Make sure to put every individual input on a new line, separated by an enter.
Look more professional with branded headers and footers in your return portal 👔
Footers ands Headers appcues
Add your branding to your return portal to create a more consistent customer experience. Include important links like to your shop or an FAQ page, and leave your contact details right where your customers would expect to find them!
How to set it up ⚙️
  1. Go to
  2. Create your header and footers and click
  3. Go to
    Return portal
  4. Activate the branded headers and footers and click
Already using branded headers and footers for your tracking page? Carry them over to your return portal with just one click under
return portal settings
New UI for Pack & Go 🙌 🚀
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We introduced a brand new User Interface for the Pack & Go feature. 🤩
💡 What does this mean?
There is no change in the feature itself. The new UI focuses on the data that matters during the picking and packing process.
🚚 New courier: Parcelforce 🇬🇧
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Parcelforce is now available for customers in the UK! 🇬🇧
Parcelforce, the express parcel service from Royal Mail, delivers everywhere in the UK and to 99.6% of addresses worldwide.
Benefits of Parcelforce
  • Over 11,000 Post Office® drop-off locations available across the UK
  • Send up to 30kg per parcel
  • Full tracking to delivery
  • 2-day, next-day, and next-morning delivery
Sendcloud users can upload an existing Parcelforce contract or use the pre-negotiated Parcelforce rates.
For more information on shipping conditions, visit the Help Center.
📦 Start shipping with Parcelforce by enabling it as a courier here.
📊 More analytics updates ✨
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There are 2 new analytics functionalities now available in your dashboard:
  1. We extended the available interval for which you can see shipping and return data. So you can now get insights since you opened your Sendcloud account and not just from the past year. 📈
  2. You can also compare 2 different time intervals with each other now by adding a date range filter. 📆
New action in Shipping Rules available 📦 ✍️
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Large Shop
You can now select the
Number of Parcels
in your actions in Shipping Rules. 👏
This allows you to
automatically define the number of parcels
used for certain weights or items that require more than one parcel.
➡️ What is the maximum number of parcels available? You can select between 1 and 50 parcels.
➡️ Do all carriers support multicollo shipment? Not all carriers do; see the supported carriers in our helpcenter.
💡 Read this helpcenter article for more information on Shipping Rules.
✨ You can now link your Pinterest profile to your Tracking Page!
Track & Trace
🚀 What's new?
You can now add a
Pinterest link to the Footer of your Tracking page
, along with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
💡 How can I add the Social links to my Tracking page's footer?
  1. Go to Brand settings;
  2. Click on the Brand who needs to be edited;
  3. Scroll to the bottom and add the username for each of your social links;
  4. The social links will now appear in the Footer's preview;
  5. Click Save.
🚨 Important
Branded footer needs to be active on the Tracking page.
📊📈 New analytics filters available!
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We just launched 3 new filtering capabilities in the analytics dashboard.
If you want a more granular shipping data overview, you can now:
  • Filter by
    Product Name
    or by
    Product SKU
    to see data for one product at a time.
  • Filter by
    to get a shipping overview for each separate brand.
Jump into your Analytics Dashboard and try these out! 🎉
New actions in Shipping Rules available ⚡✍️
International Shipping
Small Shop
Large Shop
To make international shipping even easier, you can now select
Set item HS Code
Set item Origin Country
as an action in shipping rules. 🚀
So what are these for?
Some integrations automatically support the HS Code and Country of Origin. If you are using one of the following integrations, you do
need to take any action:
Shopify, WooCommerce (1st gen), WooCommerce (2nd gen), Magento v2
If you are using any other integration than the ones mentioned above, the new actions allow you to automate these fields for international shipments that need to go through customs.
➡️ Try it out when visiting your shipping rules builder!
💡 For any further information on shipping rules, read this helpcenter article.
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