Volumetric Weight is here! 🎉 Avoid unexpected carrier surcharges.
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We can now tackle surcharges proactively and avoid those unexpected shipping fees.
For this, we are enabling you to fill in a parcel's
, and
Armed with this data, we can calculate the final billable weight up front, and show you only shipping methods that match that weight instead.
This way, you avoid using a shipping method that is based on the lower weight and avoid getting surcharged at the end of the month.
volumetric weight
  • Volumetric Weight is currently implemented only when the shipment is created manually (via the New Shipment form) or via API.
  • The dimension fields are currently mandatory for UPS and DHL Express only, as they are the carriers that invoice surcharges at the moment. For other carriers, these fields will remain optional.
Want to know more?
  • Learn all there is to know about volumetric weight and how it differs between carriers in this article.
  • Want a quick overview instead? Check out this article with a short explainer and Volumetric Weight calculator.
✨ New in: Shipping Rules 👉 Company Name
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Do you have clients that need a certain type of delivery or have their goods insured?
You can now do this and more, automatically, using the new
Company Name
shipping rules field.
Specify the name of the company and set up custom rules based on your needs.
Voilà! 🎉
shipping rules - company name
New features added to Checkout 🤩
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So what’s new?
Until today, you could set up
Nominated Day
delivery methods in the Checkout feature. With this update, we’re introducing 2 new types:
Standard and Same Day
This means you now have
more delivery options
at your disposal and can set up
international delivery
Please note: Available options depend on your enabled carriers.
Additionally, we added the possibility to define
– the days on which you won’t be able to process orders, eg. Christmas or vacations.
To start using the new Checkout features update Sendcloud plugin in your Wordpress panel.
✨ New in: Return Rules 👉 "Unable to return" action
Large Shop
Whether you want to accept only domestic returns or disable them for a specific country, you can now set it up using Return Rules.
Simply add a rule, eg. IF Country is UK, THEN Unable to return, and customers from the UK won't be able to return their orders through your Return Portal.
unable to return 2
Brand logo removed from DHL DE labels
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Due to new DHL requirements, starting from September 21, we're no longer able to add your brand logo to DHL DE labels.
To keep having it printed, you need to set it up directly in your DHL account.
🔧 Improved: House numbers are now optional for all Spanish carriers 🇪🇸
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Adding a house number in the customer's address
is not mandatory anymore
when shipping to Spain. 🎉
Some Spanish addresses don’t have a house number available, so merchants had to give us a non-existent or faulty address in that case. This left them with a lot of manual and tedious work.
Next to that, this aligns more with carrier requirements, since they also don’t require a house number to be present if there is none.
✨ New: Return Rules
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As of today, you can change the return fee displayed in your return portal based on your customer’s country.
Group 21
How does it work?
That’s simple - just like Shipping Rules.
Create IF-THEN rules specifying countries and fees, and in the Return Portal your customers will see different return costs depending on where they live.
Keep in mind that rules are applied in the order they appear on the list.
This means that if two or more rules apply to the same country (eg. “From country isn’t Netherlands” and “From country is Germany”), the one that is the lowest on the list will be used.
And this is just the beginning.
In the near future we’ll keep adding more Conditions and Actions to let you further optimize your return process.
📈 New: Reporting API
As of today, you can generate a CSV file with your shipping and return data without entering the app.
How does it work?
Make an API call specifying
parameters, and the data will be exported in a CSV format.
You can use it to automatically update your data or to generate one-off reports.
🔎 New: "Payment status" filter for Ebay
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Now you can filter your Ebay orders by their payment status, eg. Pending, Succeeded, or Failed.
Screenshot 2021-08-20 at 12
🚚 Carrier Update: DPD France 🇫🇷
Paid Plan
  • Welcome to the Sendcloud carrier family,
    DPD France
  • available in: France 🇫🇷
  • contract type: direct contract only (for now)
  • available shipping methods: DPD Predict, DPD Classic, DPD Classic Europe, DPD Classic Intercontinental, DPD Relais, DPD Retour
The required set of credentials needed for activating the DPD contract is a bit longer than usual. Please check our Help Center article for more information on how to set it up.
Happy Shipping!
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