🔧 Improved: Fresh new look for the Tracking Status Timeline
Track & Trace
All Plans
🎉 What’s new?
Up until now, the latest tracking status was integrated in the top part of the
Track & Trace Page
and was only visible by unfolding it manually. With the new design, the statuses are separated from the header and are displayed in an
intuitive and mobile friendly
⚠️ Important
You can't see the new design yet? Then simply re-publish your Track & Trace page. You can do this by first un-publishing, then re-publishing the page.
✨ New: Pick-ups for Returns
Large Shop
Make your customers' lives easier. Let them return orders without leaving the house.
⚙️ How to set it up?
In the Return settings, enable GLS NL and the new "Arrange a pick-up" method. And that's it!
Now in your Return Portal your customers can arrange pickups at their locations, instead of bringing parcels to service points.
And they won't need to print labels themselves - carriers will have them ready! 🤩
⚠️ Important
This feature is available only for domestic returns within the Netherlands. To enable it, you need to have a direct contract with GLS NL.
💁📦 Shipping Method Update – November 2021
We added new Shipping Methods to our existing carrier portfolio!
- Flex Signature
- Flex Age Check
- Flex Must Match End Consumer
- Pakket Nederland België
- Insured (Sendcloud rates)
- Shop2Shop
DPD Germany:
- Shop2Home
DHL Paket:
- Paketankündigung
- Persönliche Übergabe (Home Address Only)
- Keine Nachbarschaftszustellung
Royal Mail:
- 1st Class Account Mail
- 2nd Class Account Mail
- Royal Mail 1st Class
- Royal Mail 2nd Class (Letter)
- Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For (Letter)
- Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For (Letter)
🚚 Carrier Update: Hermes C2C 🇬🇧
Hermes C2C
is a separate network within Hermes UK. Hermes C2C offers the option to hand in parcels at a local parcelshop or locker. This makes it a convenient carrier for webshops with
smaller volumes
  • available in: UK 🇬🇧
  • contract type: direct contract and Sendcloud rates
  • available shipping methods: Address to Address, Address to Parcelshop, Locker to Address, Parcelshop to Address, Parcelshop to Parcelshop
Please check our Help Center article for more information on the Hermes UK C2C shipping conditions.
Happy Shipping!
✨ New in: Checkout 👉 Nominated Day for International Shipping
🎉 What’s new?
You can now let your customers from abroad choose the date they will receive their orders!
Additionally, we added the possibility to set (or overwrite) the Transit Time (previously Lead Time). It comes in handy in two main scenarios:
  • when you want to use shipping methods we don't know the transit time of (eg. when you use direct contract),
  • when you know it takes longer for the carrier to deliver packages compared to what they state in their offering.
⚠️ Important:
For international delivery, carriers often define the transit time as a range, eg. between 2-3 days. In these cases, it's impossible to determine a specific day a package will be delivered.
Make sure to let your customers know it's the best estimation, but differences may occur.
Need help? Read more in this article.
✨ New in: Return Rules 👉 Disable returns of specific products
Large Shop
return portal - unable to return items
What's new?
A new action in Return Rules: Unable to return item.
How it works
Create a Return Rule with the condition
Item name
and the action
Unable to return item
. Then, if your customer wants to return an order, the specified products will be blocked.
Volumetric Weight is here! 🎉 Avoid unexpected carrier surcharges.
Order Processing
All Plans
We can now tackle surcharges proactively and avoid those unexpected shipping fees.
For this, we are enabling you to fill in a parcel's
, and
Armed with this data, we can calculate the final billable weight up front, and show you only shipping methods that match that weight instead.
This way, you avoid using a shipping method that is based on the lower weight and avoid getting surcharged at the end of the month.
volumetric weight
  • Volumetric Weight is currently implemented only when the shipment is created manually (via the New Shipment form) or via API.
  • The dimension fields are currently mandatory for UPS and DHL Express only, as they are the carriers that invoice surcharges at the moment. For other carriers, these fields will remain optional.
Want to know more?
  • Learn all there is to know about volumetric weight and how it differs between carriers in this article.
  • Want a quick overview instead? Check out this article with a short explainer and Volumetric Weight calculator.
✨ New in: Shipping Rules 👉 Company Name
Order Processing
All Plans
Do you have clients that need a certain type of delivery or have their goods insured?
You can now do this and more, automatically, using the new
Company Name
shipping rules field.
Specify the name of the company and set up custom rules based on your needs.
Voilà! 🎉
shipping rules - company name
New features added to Checkout 🤩
Paid Plan
So what’s new?
Until today, you could set up
Nominated Day
delivery methods in the Checkout feature. With this update, we’re introducing 2 new types:
Standard and Same Day
This means you now have
more delivery options
at your disposal and can set up
international delivery
Please note: Available options depend on your enabled carriers.
Additionally, we added the possibility to define
– the days on which you won’t be able to process orders, eg. Christmas or vacations.
To start using the new Checkout features update Sendcloud plugin in your Wordpress panel.
✨ New in: Return Rules 👉 "Unable to return" action
Large Shop
Whether you want to accept only domestic returns or disable them for a specific country, you can now set it up using Return Rules.
Simply add a rule, eg. IF Country is UK, THEN Unable to return, and customers from the UK won't be able to return their orders through your Return Portal.
unable to return 2
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