✨ New! Provide your customers a way to directly trace their shipment with the Tracking Widget
Track & Trace
All Plans
What's new?
The Tracking Widget is is a simple iFrame widget that you can add to your own website, so your customers can track their shipments with only their tracking code and postal code.
How to set it up?
  1. From the Settings view in the Sendcloud panel, choose
    Tracking Widget
    under the Tracking tab.
  2. Copy the iFrame code and add it to your desired website page.
  3. Now you customers can directly track their shipment from you webshop!
💫 Schedule pickups via our all-new Pickup API
You can now schedule pickups via API with DHL Express! This is handy if you want to
schedule incidental pickups for different addresses
– without having to log in to your Sendcloud account.
With the Pickup API, you can:
  1. Create a new pickup for any address
  2. Get data on a specific pickup
  3. Retrieve a list of all scheduled pickups
Pickup API
For now the API is only available for DHL Express, more carriers will be added soon.
Tracking API V2 is now available to all users! 💙
Track & Trace
What changed?
The Tracking API allows API users to send a tracking number and receive the current and past status updates.
Users can build their own tracking solutions on top of this API. Implement it with your brand!
Screenshot 2022-05-04 at 09
See at a glance which products go in which parcels 👀
Order Processing
All Plans
Can’t remember what should be in a certain order?
Get an itemized list of the products in each parcel, directly from your Edit Order view.
Now available in all plans.
🚚 New carrier: Instabox 🇳🇱
Meet Instabox! This Swedish company is an expert in same-day delivery at home. View the Sendcloud rates for Instabox, or upload your own contract.
A quick introduction to Instabox
  • Available in: the Netherlands 🇳🇱
  • Contract type: direct contract and Sendcloud rates
  • Available services: Perishable, Age check (16/18), Home address
  • Available shipping methods: Same Day Parcel Delivery, Same Day Pickup, and Parcel Mailbox
🎉 New! Service point delivery in Dynamic Checkout
All Plans
Now with Dynamic Checkout,
embed a map of all your service points directly onto your checkout page
Customize it with CSS to match your brand
, and give your customers that top-notch experience they crave.
Additionally, with this release we added a possibility to add shipping costs directly in Sendcloud.
Ready to learn how to set up service point delivery in Dynamic Checkout?
Here’s a quick explainer video:
🔐 New: 2FA now available in Sendcloud!
All Plans
Add an extra layer of protection to your Sendcloud account and customer data using 2 factor authentication.
You can activate this by going to https://account.sendcloud.com/two-factor/setup/ and following the steps highlighted there.
Screenshot 2022-03-09 at 11
🔎 New: "SKU" filter for Incoming Orders
Order Processing
All Plans
Want to print labels in bulk and speed up order processing for a particular SKU?
This is now possible with the new,
SKU filter
, available in the Incoming Orders View.👇
For now, this only works for exact matches. For example, if you filter for "SKU-A" you will only find orders that have that exact SKU. It won’t bring up orders with SKU "SKU-ABC" or "SKU-A12".
✨ New: Add Social Media links to the Tracking Page
Track & Trace
🚀 What's new?
You can now to add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn links to the Footer of your Tracking page.
💡 How can I add the Social links to my Tracking page's footer?
  1. Go to Brand settings;
  2. Click on the Brand who needs to be edited;
  3. Scroll to the bottom and add the username for each of your social links;
  4. The social links will now appear in the Footer's preview;
  5. Click
🚨 Important
Use branded footer
needs to be active on the Tracking page.
💁📦 Shipping Method Update – March 2022
We added new Shipping Methods to our existing carrier portfolio!
🌍 DHL Express (for all markets):
- DHL Express Domestic Returns
- DHL Express International Returns
🇳🇱 ViaTim:
- Domestic Returns
🇧🇪 PostNL Belgium:
- PostNL Returns NL to BE & BE to BE
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