Remove unnecessary clicks with Return defaults🖱️
Return Defaults in Sendcloud
Creating new returns just got a bit easier for you. Set up your preferred return shipping method to be applied as default for new returns. When making new returns from an order or through the manual return form, always have your preferred return shipping method pre-selected. Farewell, unnecessary clicks!
You can find Return defaults in a new tab in your settings, under
Set the number of copies for customs documents 🖨
International Shipping
Paid Plan
Did you know that some carriers require more than one copy for customs documents? 📄
To make your work easier, you can now select the number of copies you want to print in your print settings.
💡 This feature is only available for the latest version of the print client.
Optimize costs with custom weight classes in Dynamic Checkout
Paid Plan
custom classes
Need to set different delivery costs for different weight ranges? Or hide/replace a shipping method when the order is too light or heavy? 
Now you can, even if a shipping method doesn't provide this level of flexibility out of the box!
Here's an example
Imagine you use a shipping method that offers only one weight class, e.g., 0-30 kg. Before today you could set only one shipping rate for the whole weight range. Now you can, e.g.:
  • For orders < 10 kg, disable this method.
  • For 10 - 20 kg orders, set the cost to 6 EUR.
  • For 20 - 30 kg orders, set the cost to 7 EUR.
How to set it up?
  1. Create or edit a delivery method.
  2. In the Shipping rates section, select Define custom weight classes
  3. Define the classes and respective shipping rates.
Currently, custom weight classes are available for Standard, Same Day, and Nominated Day methods. The functionality will be available for Service Point methods soon.
Process any domestic returns through the return portal 🔁
Product email top banner - Returns
Whether the order was shipped through a fulfilment party, dropshipping, or picked up in store, you can now process any domestic returns with Sendcloud's return portal. No need to fill in manual return forms—now, all orders can be processed through the return portal, no matter how they were shipped in the first place.
How does it work?
The return portal fetches order data to start the return process. To get the required information to Sendcloud, import the order via a CSV file, any of your integrations, or our API. Then your customer fills in their postcode and order number in the return portal to announce the return.
Please note that this feature is not yet available for international returns. You can continue to use the manual return form for shipments from other countries.
How to set it up ⚙️
  1. Go to
    > Return portal
  2. Enable ‘allow returns without outbound shipment’
  3. Click
Want to get started with our return solution? The Sendcloud Academy shows you everything you need to set up your return portal (4 minutes).
New date filter in the Incoming Order View 🔎🗓
All Plans
You can now see all your orders at once in the Incoming Order View. Select the "All time" filter and scroll down the page—this will load all your orders automatically. ✨
Create multiple Shipping Rules via CSV upload 👏🗳
Small Shop
Large Shop
You can now create multiple Shipping Rules in one go! 🎉
Go to the Shipping Rules tab and click on the
Upload File
button. There, you can find the template, a cheat list, and an article that will help you get started.
Send branded tracking notifications via SMS 📲
Track & Trace
Large Shop
SMS tracking message e-mail header (8)
Alongside branded tracking emails,
you can now notify your customers by SMS
whenever their parcel reaches a delivery milestone.
📲 How can I enable SMS notifications?
It's easy! SMS notifications work similarly to email notifications:
  1. Go to Settings > Tracking Messages.
  2. Select the
    tab next to
    Tracking Emails
    and then select a brand. SMS
  3. Toggle the switch to activate SMS notifications.
  4. You'll need to give your consent for customer phone numbers to be used by Sendcloud to send updates via SMS.
  5. Click Continue and edit your countries and SMS content.
Read more about
Tracking SMS
and invoicing in the Help Center.
Set fees based on return reasons 💸
Large Shop
Return fee based on return reason
Now, add return reasons as a condition in your return rules. Charge different return fees based on the reason the product was returned.
How to set it up?⚙️
  1. Go to
    > Return rules
  2. Add
    a new return rule
  3. Pick the
    Return reason
    as a condition
  4. Add a
    Return fee
  5. Click
Picking lists now come with an item summary 🧾
Order Processing
Large Shop
Knowing the total amount of items that need to be collected can speed up your picking process. To get there, you'll no longer need to count yourself - our system now does it for you!
Whenever you select more than one order, you will see an overview of all items and their total quantities. The rest of the picking list remains the same for quick order processing via barcode scanning. ✅
Connect your Holded account to Sendcloud 🚀🇪🇸
All Plans
Holded is the
cloud-based business management platform
for small and medium enterprises. The platform provides you with everything you need to monitor your business anytime and anywhere.
This integration will allow you to have the information of the waybills generated in Holded in your Sendcloud account. This will help you to complete shipments and control all the returns.
Ready to integrate your Holded account with Sendcloud? Learn how to do it from the Help Center.
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