✨ New in: Checkout 👉 Nominated Day for International Shipping
🎉 What’s new?
You can now let your customers from abroad choose the date they will receive their orders!
Additionally, we added the possibility to set (or overwrite) the Transit Time (previously Lead Time). It comes in handy in two main scenarios:
  • when you want to use shipping methods we don't know the transit time of (eg. when you use direct contract),
  • when you know it takes longer for the carrier to deliver packages compared to what they state in their offering.
⚠️ Important:
For international delivery, carriers often define the transit time as a range, eg. between 2-3 days. In these cases, it's impossible to determine a specific day a package will be delivered.
Make sure to let your customers know it's the best estimation, but differences may occur.
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